10 Traditional Wedding Shower Games


Wedding Night Words

The object of this game is to twist someone's words into a different meaning. It's the bride's words in one version, and the guests' words as they attempt a difficult feat in another version.

In the bride version, a bridesmaid or other guest is appointed to secretly write down everything the bride says as she opens her gifts. For example, if she opens a set of luxury towels, she may run her hand across them and comment on their size or texture. After all the gifts have been opened, the "secretary" reads back the bride's comments but puts them in a new context: the wedding night. So the comment about the blender being so powerful takes on new meaning. There's bound to be at least one twisted comment that gets even the most proper guest giggling.

If you need an ice-breaker, guests can become the source -- and target -- of the comments. This game requires a conspiracy of bridesmaids to capture all the comments. A bridesmaid greets each guest on arrival with a piece of paper, a crayon, and the following task: Put the paper on the floor and trace her hand or foot -- without bending either knee. The bridesmaid stands behind the struggling guest and secretly writes down her name and comments. When everyone has accomplished, or at least attempted, the task, bridesmaids take turns reading out the comments as if it's what the guest said or will say on her or his wedding night. For example, "On her wedding night, Aunt Bess demanded, 'What's the purpose of this?'" Or, "On his wedding night, Tony complained, 'I can't reach down there.'" This version lets everyone, including the bride-to-be, get a good laugh.

Just keep in mind that it could be inappropriate for showers given at the workplace.

The next game is a slam-dunk for couples showers.