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10 Traditional Wedding Shower Games


What's in the Bag?

This game is fun for all showers. The versions below test players' sense of smell, touch and sight.

Sniff test: How well do guests know their herbs and spices? This test will tell. You'll need:

  • White or brown paper lunch bags, numbered one through 10
  • 10 different cooking herbs and spices
  • Shower-theme colored ribbon
  • Paper and pencils for each guest

Put a small amount of an herb or spice in each bag, making sure to note separately the bag number for each cooking ingredient. Scrunch the tops of bags and tie with ribbon to create a small hole at the top. The hole should be big enough for players to get a good whiff but small enough that they can't peek inside. Give guests paper and pencils, and distribute the bags among them. Have people sniff the contents of each bag and write down their guess with the bag number. Keep bags moving quickly to build excitement and competition. The player with the most correct answers gets a small prize -- like a decorative set of measuring spoons. Or you could turn the tables: The person who gets the fewest correct could get the prize, since clearly, she or he needs more practice cooking!

Touch test: How well do guests know their household tools? The touch test will tell. Before the shower begins, the hostess numbers as many lunch bags as there are guests. She places one common item from the kitchen, bathroom and garage in each bag, ties the top closed and arranges the bags around a table. With paper and pencil in hand, players have 5 to 10 seconds to feel the item through the bag, write down a guess, and move to the next bag.

Eyeballing it: This game tests guests' visual discretion. Materials include:

  • Clear, zip-top sandwich bags, numbered
  • A variety of white, powdery substances (powdered sugar, baking soda, flour, cornstarch, baby powder, cleansing powder, cream of tartar, laundry powder, headache powder, gelatin, drink mix, etc.)
  • Paper and pencil

The hostess scoops two to three spoonfuls of one substance in each bag, making sure to note which powder is in which bag. Players must identify each substance by sight alone.

Guests with more experience have an advantage in these games. A game of chance, on the next page, levels the playing field.