10 Traditional Baby Shower Games


Baby Pictionary

This game is just like the classic game where someone draws an image, then that person's team must guess what he or she is trying to depict.

You set up this game before the shower by creating small slips of paper and writing one of 25 baby-related terms on each. Fold the slips and place them in a bowl.

Use a chalkboard or erasable white board, or tape or pin large pieces of paper on a wall where they're easily viewable by all. Be sure you have appropriate markers (be careful of any marker that bleeds through paper, and if you're using an erasable white board, be sure you have dry-erase pens).

When you're ready to play, split the guests into three or four different teams. Have the first team decide who the first artist will be, and have that person randomly pick one of the slips of paper and show it to everyone except her own team members.

The person drawing must try to draw a picture of the term, and that person's team must guess what it is in a pre-set amount of time (usually one or two minutes).

Hint: It's not that hard to draw a bottle, so think of terms that will be challenging, such as burping!