10 Traditional Baby Shower Games


Baby Shower Bingo

Like regular bingo, Baby Shower Bingo is played by marking squares on a card until the first person fills in an entire line and wins.

Before the shower, create bingo cards by drawing grids on a piece of paper, then make enough copies for all the guests. On each piece of paper, place numbers randomly in the squares. If you have 16 guests, you'll want to create a four-by-four grid with numbers one through 16.

Number each present brought to the shower.

As the guest of honor opens each present, call out the number of that present, and have guests mark their bingo cards if they have that number in one of the squares.

The first player to achieve a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line wins.

Alternatively, you can buy preprinted bingo cards, or find free ones online that provide an alternative way to play. You won't have to number the presents, as these cards have pictures of baby items likely to be in the gift pile, such as a teddy bear, books or bibs.