10 Mundane Traditions with Strange Origins

Election Tuesday
Why do we always line up to vote on Tuesdays? It's likely due to the travel restrictions of the past.
Why do we always line up to vote on Tuesdays? It's likely due to the travel restrictions of the past.
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Does it seem a bit random that the United States votes on a Tuesday in November? Why not, say, a Saturday in May, which seems a much more civil pronouncement?

Blame it on our agrarian past. In early November, most of the crops are in, yet the dirt roads remain dry enough to travel over by horse and buggy. And in the time when these things were being decided, polling stations weren't yet as ubiquitous as coffee shops in Seattle. Commonly, it took an overnight trip to reach a polling station at the county seat. One couldn't travel on Sunday, so Monday was ruled out as Election Day. Likewise, most markets were held later in the week, so after voting early on Tuesday morning, farmers could quickly reverse course to make it home in time to sell their recently harvested crops.

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