5 Tattoo Removal Tips


Know the risks and limitations

The ultimate goal of having a tattoo removed is that your skin looks like it never had a tattoo in the first place. But, there are limitations that you should know going in. Successful removal depends on many factors, such as your skin color, how long you've had the tattoo, how deep it is, how many colors there are and specifically what colors it's made up of. Color inherently fades over time, so older tattoos with fewer colors are the best candidates. Laser tattoo removal can alter your pigment, so fair skin tends to work better than darker shades. And fatty areas such as your arms, chest and derriere are easier to work on than bony wrists and ankles. But there is always a chance that there could be scarring or remnants of color. Yellow, purple and turquoise are the most difficult colors to remove, but black and dark green are the easiest.