Top Tattoo Mistakes: L.A. Ink

Photo L to R: Corey Miller, Pixie, Hannah Aitchison, Kim Saigh and Kat Von D. See more pictures from LA Ink.

The LA Ink posse is counting down the top five mistakes people make when getting a tattoo. Get their advice for what not to do the next time you get a tattoo.

Let's get started!

Too Small

Make sure the tattoo is a good size for the body part. See pictures from LA Ink.

Kim Says: "Be careful not to get something too small or where it doesn't fit that part of the body well."

This tat lover decided her tattoo was too small for her back, so she received a more colorful dolphin tattoo to cover-up the old one and the size is in better proportion for her back.


Cheap Tattoos

Cheap tattoos ofter lead to bad tattoos. See pictures from LA Ink.

Kat Says:"Good tattoos aren't cheap and cheap tattoos aren't good. Far too many times, people choose an artist based on price. That should be the last priority on your list when it comes to getting a tattoo."

Kim Says:"Don't look for a bargain!"


Ode to a Lover

A new, intricate tattoo covers up the past. See pictures from LA Ink.

Hannah Says:"Don't be overly romantic. Sorry, that tattoo is going to out last most relationships - much as I hate to say it."

Pixie Says:"I don't think lovers' names are a good thing."


Being Impulsive

Make sure your tattoo has meaning. See pictures from LA Ink.

Hannah Says:"Try not to be arbitrary or impulsive - you might regret getting Taz flipping the bird and drinking a beer later."

A small bear is later covered-up with a more vivid, detailed tattoo that has more meaning to its owner.


Being Drunk

Drinking before getting a tattoo is not always the best choice. See pictures from LA Ink.

Corey Says:"Biggest mistake ... being drunk."

Hannah Says:"Being drunk leads to the other mistakes on the list."


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