5 Most Embarrassing Celebrity Tattoos


Jermaine Dupri

Hip-hop and R&B producer Jermaine Dupri's ears are finely tuned when it comes to the sounds of musical gold -- or platinum, actually. He wasn't yet 20 years old when he discovered the teen duo Kriss Kross. He created their image and produced their first CD -- it sold 4 million copies. Later collaborations with Mariah Carey, Run-DMC and Usher all resulted in multiple millions of sales.

Unfortunately, Jermaine's vision has been less than 20/20 when it's come to success in personal relationships. Seven years into his romance with singer-actress Janet Jackson, he got her exact and lovely likeness tattooed on his right side in a demure Virgin Mary pose -- check out photos of it on tattoo artist Jun Cha's blog. A few months later, the couple broke up, just as some naysayers predicted when Jermaine got the piece. But Jermaine couldn't read the writing on the wall (or the blogs), and now he may well be haunted by the ink on his stomach.