5 Bizarre Good Luck Charms

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DNA Tattoos: I’ve Got You Into My Skin

DNA Tattoos: I’ve Got You Into My Skin

If you want to tattoo DNA into your skin, there is now a safe method for doing it. HowStuffWorks takes a look at biogenetic tattooing.

Author's Note: 5 Bizarre Good Luck Charms

I spent hours searching through fields of clovers as a child, hoping to find a four-leaf clover. After all that work, I never managed to locate one, leading me to believe that they were just a myth. It wasn't until I sat down to research this article that I learned four-leaf clovers are not only a real thing, but they're really not all that rare. Not only that, but botanists figured out how to produce the seeds for these special clovers long before I was born, which means I could've had one anytime I wanted if I'd only been looking in the right place.

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