5 Bizarre Good Luck Charms

Can a ladybug predict how many children you'll have? Or maybe, if you're even luckier, it'll fly away and take your problems with it. amanaimagesRF/Thinkstock

Ladybugs are seen as universally lucky among a variety of cultures and regions, but the origins of this luck are unclear. Some believe it was inspired by the Virgin Mary, or "Lady Bird," but the ladybug is lucky even in areas where Christianity isn't the dominant religion, such as Asia.

No matter its origins, it's said that simply having a ladybug land on you will bring you luck as long as you let it leave on its own accord — no brushing it away. If you must send the ladybug flying, preserve your luck by gently blowing it away and reciting the poem, "Ladybug Ladybug." A ladybug landing not only brings luck, but also allows the bug to carry your problems away with it when it goes.

Beyond basic luck, ladybugs are also said to predict the future. Some say that counting the spots on a ladybug will tell you how many kids you'll have. Others believe that the number of spots reveals the number of happy months ahead. While it's difficult to carry a ladybug in your pocket for luck, the ladybug's lucky reputation makes it a popular choice for clothing and décor, particularly in Asian cultures [source: Webster].