5 Unconventional Parenting Methods

Author's Note: 5 Unconventional Parenting Methods

In her book "Raising America," Ann Hulbert notes that between 1977 and 1995, the number of parenting titles published increased five-fold. Since then, the amount of parenting advice floating around out there must've climbed even higher, considering the natural pace of the publishing industry and the incredible success of parenting blogs online. So what's a new mom or dad to do when they're preparing to take complete responsibility for a child's upbringing?

Further complicating matters, conflicting parenting methods have existed since pediatricians and child psychologists began publicly peddling their advice en masse at the beginning of the 20th century. Likewise, the five unconventional parenting methods dissected here all approach the same outcome -- healthy, successful children -- in vastly different ways. But while each of them has attracted negative public attention, I also wanted to call out their potential positive effects. Because the reality of child rearing remains that, when parents invest themselves in bringing up smart, happy kids, it's more the positive parental intent than a precise parenting method that makes the ultimate difference.

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