5 Incredible Things You'll Learn in Third Grade

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LSAT, Law Schools Just Aren’t That Into You Anymore

LSAT, Law Schools Just Aren’t That Into You Anymore

Harvard, Georgetown and Northwestern law schools aren’t requiring the LSAT anymore and others are following suit. HowStuffWorks looks at why.

Author's Note: 5 Incredible Things You'll Learn in Third Grade

Third grade is an academically challenging year, and my research revealed a trend toward even greater challenges of late. Perhaps in response to high-pressure government standards, some elementary schools have been assigning a lot more homework (and some are assigning none at all -- but that's less common). There have been reports of young students coming home with hours of work to do, and while I only touched on this briefly in one of the back-to-school articles, it's worth looking into further if your child's homework level seems extreme, as many education experts recommend against the trend.

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