5 Incredible Things You'll Learn in Third Grade


Words Have Names!

When your child enters third grade, "writing" takes on new meaning. Last year, it was basically the process of forming letters and words and putting them together to convey an idea. This year, writing gets grammatical.

Your child will be introduced to the complicated world of parts-of-speech and sentence structure, which means both reading and writing will become far more technical, requiring a deeper understanding of language and its patterns and uses.

Words become "verbs," "nouns," "adjectives" and "articles." Words or groups of words can be "subjects" or "predicates." Sometimes, sentences are "transitions." Writing can be "informative" or "persuasive;" it can be composed of "paragraphs," and it often ends with a "clincher."

This will likely be your child's first experience with this type of technical grammar and language instruction. Some pick it up quickly, while others take a while to catch on. Either way, your third-grader will finish this year with a dramatically increased sense of the structures and patterns underlying the language they've been speaking for so many years.

Perhaps even bigger (or at least more hands-on), your child will begin to grasp the structures and patterns underlying the world he or she has been living in ...