5 Incredible Things You'll Learn in Second Grade

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LSAT, Law Schools Just Aren’t That Into You Anymore

LSAT, Law Schools Just Aren’t That Into You Anymore

Harvard, Georgetown and Northwestern law schools aren’t requiring the LSAT anymore and others are following suit. HowStuffWorks looks at why.

Author's Note: 5 Incredible Things You'll Learn in Second Grade

In talking about what students have learned by the end of first grade, it's tough to cover all of the possibilities. To that effect, you'll notice I used a lot of qualifiers -- "possibly mastered," or "perhaps with some effort." It's a reality that some students enter second grade with stunning reading skills, and others are still stumbling a bit, and there's nothing strange about either ability level. I hope you'll take my discussions of what they know, what they'll learn, and how they'll transition from first to second grade as guidelines, not absolutes. Your child's teachers are the best ones to tell you if your child needs extra challenges or extra help.

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