5 Incredible Things You'll Learn in Kindergarten


You Can Read!

Hopefully, you've been reading to your child since birth, because the greater the exposure, the better-equipped he or she will be for one of the most incredible processes in the kindergarten year: that's right, learning to read.

It's an amazing thing, watching words reveal their secrets for what may be the first time in your child's life. Some children have an easy time of it; for others, it's more of a challenge. A few kindergarteners even come in on the first day with some pretty great reading skills. It's very individual, and all completely normal.

Whatever the exact degree of personal growth throughout the year, your child will leave kindergarten knowing letters and their sounds, recognizing rhyming words, and with a steadily developing ability to read -- really read! -- at least simple words and sentences.

Which brings us to the next incredible lesson ...