5 Things You Should Know: Homeschooling


Making the Grade

One of the most common questions about homeschooling is how students are graded, and whether or not they take tests. Yes, they do. And no, they don't.

Deciding whether or not to keep grades for homeschooled children -- and how to track those grades -- depends on the regulations of the state you live in and your child's educational ambitions. As mentioned in the last page, many states require that parents submit comprehensive updates to the state's department of education as part of the homeschooling process, which includes standardized tests and an annual professional evaluation of student progress in some locales. Homeschooled students may graduate with a home-school diploma or GED depending on the state.

Let's look at South Carolina law as an example. Notification of homeschooling, test scores and annual progress reports are required. Although state departments of education usually don't issue diplomas to students outside the traditional educational system, the parent-teacher may give the student a diploma.