5 Things You Should Know: Homeschooling


Popular Reasons for Homeschooling

As found in a Phi Delta Kappa/Gallup Poll public opinion of homeschooling is changing. In 1985 only 16 percent surveyed though homeschooling was a good thing but by 2001 that poll number rose to 41 percent. How to educate children is a personal decision for every family, and some parents decide that the public and private education systems fall short of their needs. Motivations for choosing to home-school vary, but the most popular three reported reasons include:

1. Concern about school environment (such as drugs, peer pressure and safety)

2. The desire to provide religious or moral instruction and

3. General dissatisfaction or objection to what's being taught in school traditional school systems

Additional reasons for homeschooling include desire for more family time, finances, travel involved and school distance from the home.