5 Signs of Overparenting

Author's Note: 5 Signs of Overparenting

Although I'm not a parent myself, investigating overparenting signs and trends was nevertheless fascinating because it allowed me to reflect on my own upbringing and habits of parents around me. As the youngest of five children, I wasn't necessarily coddled, but I probably received more hovering than my older siblings, simply by virtue of birth order. Also, in a bustling house full of five kids, it was almost impossible for our parents to not allow us to figure out how to resolve conflict and entertain ourselves. And as the last one out of the house, I benefited from a few years of my parents' undivided attention at home, which was certainly formative in my high school experience. Thankfully, I exited that period of borderline overparenting unscathed and am grateful for both the freedoms and boundaries my parents established.

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