5 Quirky (and Super Specific) Dating Apps

It's easy to meet people with the same offbeat romantic preferences as you, thanks to all the dating apps out there for picky singles. Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto/Getty Images

Many people have preferences when it comes to romantic partners. We might want someone who makes us laugh, or someone who is playful and fun. And a lot of us choose partners who look like our parents, so have fun unpacking that one. But some preferences are more specific — like wanting a partner who's a little long in the tooth, or who has beautiful teeth.

Throughout history, many people have managed unusual preferences they may be judged for by keeping relationships secret or trying to fit into loveless, mismatched ones. But then came the internet and the wide world of dating apps, which made finding the perfect match (and keeping it on the hush) easier. Check out five of our picks for the most offbeat dating apps for people with idiosyncratic interests.

1. TallFriends

You, lover of tall people, can finally search the world for a person of just the right height. Seek out partners of above-average stature at TallFriends.

2. Wingman

Wanna meet someone, but travel too much? Wingman is here for you. It matches you with people at the airport, at your destination or even on your flight for the (probably distant) hope of an "encounter" in the air. It's still in its beta version, but a public launch is on the way.

3. FarmersMatch

Farmers can find a partner who doesn't mind getting dirty by using the dating app FarmersMatch, which touts Tinder-like swiping functionality for matching people with "good old-fashioned down-to-earth values." 

4. Hater

Don't think you're limited to apps that match you with people who have similar interests  — Hater is designed to connect you with people who loathe the same things you do. (Actually, that's not a terrible marker for liking someone, according to research that shows people can bond through negativity.)


We can mock "weird" dating apps, but some have proved empowering. Consider MPWH, which stands for "Meet People With Herpes." While dating with a sexually transmitted disease can be intimidating and isolating, this app unites people living with STDs, which could be a huge relief for those searching for a mate.