5 Benefits of Electronic Medical Records


Less Paperwork

All right, this seems like an obvious one -- if your medical record is electronic, then of course there'd be less paperwork, right? But take a minute to think about the ramifications of fewer file drawers. Currently, every time you see a new doctor, you fill out a sheaf of papers. But with access to an electronic medical record, your doctor will already have information about any medications you take, the results of any lab tests you've ever had and any health issues you're facing. Doctors and nurses won't have to pull charts and transcribe information, so they could possibly have more time and more meaningful interactions with patients. And surely you've heard jokes about doctors' bad handwriting? No longer will nurses or patients waste time trying to figure out a doctor's orders, since he or she will use a computer or electronic device to make them. That benefit is key to the next item on our list, as well.