27 American Terms and Their British Equivalents

While they speak English, our British friends across the pond have some very different ways of saying things. Below is a little guide to some American terms and their British equivalents.

The British equivalent for ballpoint pen is biro.
The British equivalent for ballpoint pen is biro.

American Term British Term
1. ballpoint pen biro
2. toilet paper bog roll
3. umbrella brolly
4. fanny pack bum bag
5. cotton candy candy floss
6. french fry chip
7. plastic wrap clingfilm
8. zucchini courgette
9. potato chip crisp
10. checkers draughts
11. thumbtack drawing pin
12. busy signal engaged tone
13. soccer football
14. astonished gobsmacked
15. sweater jumper
16. elevator lift
17. restroom loo
18. truck lorry
19. ground beef mince
20. diaper nappy
21. mailbox pillar box
22. bandage (Band-Aid) plaster
23. baby carriage/stroller pram
24. collect call reverse-charge call
25. aluminum can tin
26. to go drastically wrong to go pear-shaped

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