10 Worst Reasons People Have Called 911

They Want a New Family
If you had to eat this, you might be calling 911 too. iStock/Thinkstock

Again, there's a lot of confusion about what qualifies as a legitimate reason to call 911. Some folks — many of them drunk — believe that the police should function as society's "parents," swooping in with sirens blaring to settle petty disputes between bickering spouses and whining grown children.

"Mom took my beer away." That was the chief complaint of a very drunk 32-year-old Florida man who wanted his mother arrested for... what, exactly? Child abuse? [source: Harwell].

In a similar vein, a Texas woman named Elsa Benson called 911 alleging that her husband "did not want to eat his supper." Granted, the woman was a serial 911 abuser who had called 30 times in six months for non-emergency reasons, including when she couldn't find her favorite shirt. Benson was arrested and charged with 911 abuse [source: New].