10 Worst Breaches of Facebook Etiquette

Gushy Posts
Ah, love, such a wonderful thing to happen to you. We just don’t want to read about it every day. Michael Blann/Digital Vision/Thinkstock

We know your love is special. We know he's the hottest, kindest, most special guy on the planet. And she's the prettiest, most amazing woman on Earth who TOTALLY ROCKED YOUR WORLD last weekend. But your public mutual affection for one another makes us want to barf. For real. We don't want to read about your incredible love. We don't want to see it in action via photos, either; that just makes us want to scrub our eyeballs. And it reminds us of all of the disgusting PDAs we had to witness in high school.

Nauseating, gushy love posts actually can commit several Facebook breaches in one. You can be guilty of oversharing (No. 9); posting too often (No. 7); displaying embarrassing photos (No. 5) — yes, that photo of you two making out is an embarrassment; and we'll bet some of those lovey-dovey notes were better off as private messages (No. 4). So cut it out!