10 Worst Breaches of Facebook Etiquette

Sharing Important News Prematurely
Before you share your big news on Facebook, make sure your nearest and dearest already know. Andresr/iStock/Thinkstock

We've all heard stories of someone finding out big news — really big news — on Facebook. It might be an engagement, pregnancy, wedding, divorce, new job. This type of news can be very welcome to read if you're not that close to the person disclosing it. But if, say, you learn on Facebook that your sister is expecting her first child, you'll likely be pretty steamed.

How could she not have had the courtesy to tell you this news herself, whether in person or via phone? Even worse, you learned about it at the same time as the rest of her 250 other Facebook friends. This means she considers you the equivalent of the 15 high school classmates she's also friends with on Facebook — the ones she doesn't even particularly like. It's an even bigger slap in the face if you don't go on Facebook every day. In that case, you might not hear the news for days. And depending on the privacy settings you've put in place, you might never see that post.

The other etiquette no-no is, don't share news that is not yours to broadcast. If your sister is pregnant but has not shared that on Facebook, she may be none-too-pleased if you do the honors.