10 Worst Breaches of Facebook Etiquette

Posting Unflattering Photos of Others
You look good in the group photo but maybe not your buddies. Think twice before you share that picture with the world. Paul Vasarhelyi/iStock/Thinkstock

By now, everyone knows — or should — that it's unwise to post embarrassing photos of yourself on Facebook. You never know who will see them, and that can result in all sorts of horrific scenarios: A potential boss sees a shot of you drunkenly dancing with a lampshade on your head and doesn't offer you the job; a boyfriend sees you making out with another guy and dumps you; your teen son and his friends spot pics of you modeling lingerie with your girlfriends, causing him to be mercilessly teased for weeks.

But maybe a bigger issue is posting unflattering photos of other people on Facebook. You might think the shot of your buddy shirtless on the beach is funny — hey, look at that beer gut! — but chances are he won't. What if you look great in a group shot, but a few of the other people don't look so hot? Don't post it. Or ask the others in the photo if they'd mind. And speaking of asking permission, that's a must if you want to slap a photo on your page of a person who isn't on Facebook. Ditto with kids.

Finally, don't automatically tag everyone in a photo you post. Some people don't mind if their photo is online, as long as they're not identified [source: Null].