10 Worst Breaches of Facebook Etiquette

Too Frequent Posts
Do you really need to post a picture of your meal — and a second post about how delicious it was? Hero Images/Getty Images

We get it. Facebook is meant for posting. For sharing news. And you have the right to post whatever and whenever you'd like. If your "friends" don't like all of your posts, they don't have to read them. Or they can unfriend you. What's the big deal?

Here's the thing: The vast majority of people do not want to read the minutiae of your life. Especially if you're creating minute-by-minute posts, like these: "Hamburgers on the grill tonight!" "First bite — delish!" "Time to roast a few marshmallows while the coals die down." "Burp."

When you post too frequently, you're basically spamming your friends. You may think you're being cute, or funny, or simply sharing your passion for food or biking or your dog, but most people don't see it like that. So once again, think before updating your status. Is what you've written something you'd enjoy reading if someone else posted it? Have you posted something on this topic earlier today? If you simply can't help clicking "Post" no matter what your answers to the previous questions are, at least refrain from tagging friends. Tagging flags the post for their attention, of course, so if they already consider most of your posts spam, tagging them will only be more infuriating.