10 Widely Believed U.S. Government Conspiracy Theories

The New World Order Is Bent on Global Domination
This 1867 engraving shows an Illuminati initiation; some people believe the Illuminati is part of the New World Order. Universal History Archive/UIG via Getty Images

The New World Order (NOW) conspiracy theory is based on the belief that one, giant mega-government will eventually take over rule of the world in a not-so-pleasant fashion. A number of devious organizations, such as the Illuminati, the United Nations, NATO, the World Bank and the Bilderberg Group are reportedly involved in implementing a worldwide change to a single government system characterized by militarized and total corporate control, with no middle class, only rulers and servants. The Bilderberg Group, a conference of thought leaders attended by the likes of Bill Clinton, David Rockefeller and various European royalty, is considered to be a shadow world government [sources: Hunt, Lendman].

While you could cite many, many reasons as to why the NWO does not exist, let's use just one: the nature of power. In a book called "Who Rules America?" sociology professor G. William Domhoff made the following arguments for why a one-world government conspiracy doesn't work:

  • It doesn't fit what we know of power. For instance, it assumes that rich capitalists would rather rule the world than just make money.
  • It assumes that world leaders are extremely clever and never make mistakes.
  • It assumes that a conspiracy can remain secret forever when evidence shows that most private plans get eventually exposed, whether by the press, agitating groups or whistleblowers.
  • It is certainly true that groups like the CIA have been involved in overthrowing foreign governments and spy plots, but these were all authorized by U.S. government officials, not by some shadowy secret entity.

Of course, conspiracy theorists would say, that's what "they" want you to think.

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