Train Etiquette: 10 Rules of Riding the Rails


No Personal Grooming Allowed

Putting on makeup (or cutting your nails) while riding can be distracting -- or gross -- to other passengers. © Yosuke Tanaka/Aflo/Corbis
Putting on makeup (or cutting your nails) while riding can be distracting -- or gross -- to other passengers. © Yosuke Tanaka/Aflo/Corbis

You couldn't help it. You were running late. With good reason! The baby was screaming all night. You stayed up until 3 a.m. tending to your sick husband. You didn't hear your alarm. So clearly, you had no choice but to complete your grooming on the train.

Uh, not clearly. If you didn't have time to put on your makeup today, you'll have to go do without or apply it in your company's bathroom. And don't even think about shaving, flossing your teeth, plucking your eyebrows or clipping your nails en route. Those activities cause parts of your body, or items stuck in parts of your body, to go sailing into the air -- where they may possibly land on an unsuspecting victim. Beyond disgusting. Here's the simple truth: Grooming is for the bathroom or your own personal space. It's not something that's done in public. Or worse, on a sealed container with no way out, like a train.

Author's Note: Train Etiquette: 10 Rules of Riding the Rails

All of these train etiquette rules are nothing more than common sense and good manners. It's sad how many people have neither.

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