10 Superstitions That Are Actually Spot-on

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10 People With Incredibly Bad Luck

10 People With Incredibly Bad Luck

HowStuffWorks presents 10 stories of people who experienced really bad luck, like Pete Best, Ron Wayne and Richard Jewell.

Author's Note: 10 Superstitions That Are Actually Spot-on

I consider myself to be about as anti-superstition as possible — so much so that I find myself trying to stifle a sneeze so people won't bombard me with "bless yous." Despite my skepticism, I found this article to be a delight. It was truly mind-opening to research superstitions that actually made sense in modern times. You still won't catch me knocking on wood or running away from black cats, but I'll probably try to follow many of the superstitions presented here. I really don't have any reason to bring an ax inside or place my bed directly under a heavy beam anyway.

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