10 Superstitions About Travel

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Conspiracy Theories and Creationism Depend on the Same Backward Logic

Conspiracy Theories and Creationism Depend on the Same Backward Logic

Researchers found a strong correlation between creationism and conspiracism in a 2018 study. HowStuffWorks explains what the two have in common.

Author's Note: 10 Superstitions About Travel

With the vast majority of high rises and hotels skipping right over the unlucky 13th floor, it can catch you off guard to find a hotel that doesn't follow this long-running superstition. Several of the big casino resorts in Las Vegas, including the Las Vegas Hilton, have bypassed the tradition of skipping right from 12 to 14, electing to include a 13th floor in spite of superstitions about this unlucky number. What I found interesting was reading what firefighters think when hotels include a 13th floor. Turns out, that 13th floor might actually be pretty unlucky if a fire breaks out; firefighters are so used to hotels without a 13th story that finding one that breaks with tradition could actually be confusing during an emergency. Intriguing how a seemingly baseless superstition might actually come to life in this kind of situation.

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