10 Restroom Etiquette Rules People Are Constantly Breaking

Dripping on the Seat
Always wipe up the seat if you see any droplets. Lalith_Herath/iStock/Thinkstock

No matter how many times they're told that it's a matter of simple civility – and not much work – some people just won't lift the toilet seat before they relieve themselves. If you can't be bothered to do the most minimal favor for your bathroom brethren before you pee, the least you can do afterward is make sure that the seat is dry.

Think of it as a game. Your goal is to aim true and shoot straight, all while leaving nary a drop on the rim. If you win, congratulations! You will no doubt be at the top of the list of potential competitors if and when urination accuracy becomes an Olympic sport. If you lose, your punishment is to clean up your mess. Of course, you could avoid this trouble by lifting the seat before you start to increase the size of your target.

Women who choose to stay perched slightly above the seat to avoid wetness and germs should also make a quick check for splatter when they're finished. And both genders should wipe the seat down with some TP if there are some drops.