10 Real-life Costumed Crime Fighters

Master Legend
Orlando, Fla. May conjure images of Walt Disney World, but by night, the city streets are patrolled by Master Legend. ┬ęGerardo Mora/WireImage

Master Legend is a superhero who wears a silver cape and a mask to protect his identity, and patrols the streets of Orlando, Fla., with his superhero friends, the Justice Crusaders. But he hasn't always been Master Legend, although he knew from when he was a kid that he was special. It was in the second grade when he fashioned his first superhero mask for his alter-ego Captain Midnight, protector from the school bully.

Today, Master Legend helps to keep the streets of Orlando safe and advocates for the city's homeless, elderly and low-income families. Master Legend is also a superhero to superheroes; in 2009 he founded Team Justice, Inc., the first non-profit organization for real-life superheroes. Donations the organization receives are given back to the community in the form of toy drives and other neighborhood and humanitarian events.