10 Real-life Costumed Crime Fighters

Angle Grinder Man
If you find your car clamped, your only hope (outside of paying the associated fees) may be Angle Grinder Man. ©iStockphoto/Ben185

Who wears a light-blue leotard, a gold mask and gold boots, carries a very big saw, and only comes out at night to help citizens of Great Britain? That's Angle Grinder Man, the superhero of Kent (and on the weekends, London).

Angle Grinder Man, identity currently unknown, patrols the streets each night looking for motorists stranded by wheel clamps -- those clamps put on cars after too many parking tickets. Motorists with cars that have been clamped can either pay the associated fees to have their car freed, or they can wait for this local superhero to liberate their vehicles with his gold-painted circular saw – and it takes him less than a minute.