10 Real-life Costumed Crime Fighters


Phoenix Jones

Phoenix Jones, pictured here with actor Rainn Wilson at the premiere of the documentary 'Super' in Los Angeles, Calif. on March 21, 2011. ©Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage
Phoenix Jones, pictured here with actor Rainn Wilson at the premiere of the documentary 'Super' in Los Angeles, Calif. on March 21, 2011. ©Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage

Phoenix Jones, along with other superheroes in the Rain City Superhero Movement, fights crime -- and calls 911 a lot -- on the streets of Seattle. This Seattle super squad, a group of crime fighters whose members include characters such as Green Reaper, No Name, and Catastrophe, patrol every night, and among them carry batons, pepper spray and tasers -- plus cell phones.

Jones looks like a comic-book superhero, costumed in molded, Batman-style body armor, including a ballistic vest, a ballistic cup, and arm and leg trauma plates. Like his fellow superhero crime fighters, he hides his identity behind a mask; Jones' is black and gold.

His true identity, revealed after the superhero was arrested in 2011, is Benjamin John Francis Fodor, a special education teacher and father of two.

Author's Note: 10 Real-life Costumed Crime Fighters

While researching this article, I learned our most favorite comic book superheroes are Superman, Batman and Spider-Man -- and that when it comes to the most well-known real-life superhero in the U.S., well, that's probably Phoenix Jones. And as it turns out, it doesn't necessarily take much to become a real-life crime fighter. While some vigilantes have some self-defense training, there are no mandatory requirements for the job. Cape optional; mask recommended.

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