10 Real-life Costumed Crime Fighters

Mr. Xtreme
Mr. Xtreme finds crime-fighting inspiration from his experience as a survivor of violent crime himself. ©John Shearer/WireImage

Mr. Xtreme and his fellow superheroes in the Xtreme Justice League (a group founded by Mr. Xtreme) are committed to fighting crime in the city of San Diego and surrounding area.

Mr. Xtreme, identity unknown, works as a security guard during the day. Motivated by his own personal history as a survivor of violent crime, Mr. Xtreme takes to the streets every night, protecting and empowering citizens and intervening as needed.

Each superhero in the Justice League has their own individual style, and Mr. Xtreme's costume is an eclectic mix, including body armor and pinhole goggles -- in total he carries 30 to 40 pounds of gear with him.