Top 10 Public Enemies



The Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) known more commonly by the acronym FARC, have been stirring up trouble in South America since the 1960s. While FARC is not the only insurgent group plaguing Colombia, it's the most powerful and best-equipped. FARC gets its funding largely through drug trafficking -- to the tune of some $500 to $600 million a year -- although kidnapping and extortion are among its other income sources [source: Council on Foreign Relations].

The group is some 9,000 strong, with an estimated 30 percent of its fighters under the age of 18 [sources: Council on Foreign Relations and]. This means overall numbers are down from several years ago, but the number of child soldiers is on the rise. Over the years, FARC has committed numerous bombings, arms dealing, hijackings and killings. It frequently targets foreign tourists, rich landowners and prominent officials for kidnappings. On-and-off peace negotiations have been held since the 1980s between FARC and the Colombian government with mixed results.