Top 10 Public Enemies


Pedro Alonzo Lopez

Pedro Alonzo Lopez has been nicknamed the "Monster of the Andes," and with good reason. A convicted serial killer, whose current whereabouts are unknown, Lopez is allegedly responsible for killing hundreds of young girls in the late 1970s all across Ecuador, Peru and Colombia.

Lopez confessed to having raped and murdered more than 300 young girls when he was eventually caught, and he led Ecuadorean police on a macabre tour of the countryside, showing them grave after grave and describing the grisly details of each encounter [source: A&E Biography]. His victims were usually prepubescent girls who he had lured away from busy marketplaces into secluded areas. After spending the night with them, he would strangle them at dawn. Sometimes instead of simply abandoning the bodies, he would reportedly set up a few of the corpses together in a sick imitation of little conversational parties until he got bored with them.

Lopez was eventually convicted of 110 counts of murder in Ecuador, but after a relatively short sentence given the magnitude of his crimes, he was released from jail and deported to Columbia for the authorities there to prosecute. Later set free by them as well, nobody knows where Lopez is now, but many of the victims' families hope that someone has taken it upon him or herself to end his fearsome reign of terror once and for all.