Top 10 Public Enemies


Henry Lee Lucas

Henry Lee Lucas is one of the most infamous serial killers of all time, confessing to more than 600 murders [source: Crime Magazine]. What's interesting about Lucas is that it's widely suspected he committed only some, or even just a slight fraction, of those admitted killings.

This public enemy captured the attention of the nation during the mid 1980s, but none more so than law enforcement officials across the country. After Lucas began confessing to murder after murder, they swarmed to the Texas task force headquarters where Lucas was imprisoned to question him about unsolved cases in their jurisdictions. As long as Lucas kept confessing -- a fact he later claimed was made easy because officers would feed him damning information to fuel his confessions -- he was spared death row and received excellent treatment.

Whether or not Lucas murdered only a few people, or in fact hundreds, will likely never be proven conclusively. Many suspect he actually killed only three women, but with Lucas' death in 2001, the truth remains elusive.