10 Pregnancy Superstitions That Are Old Wives' Tales

The Full Moon Phenomenon
Nope, the stork is not more likely to deliver the baby on a full moon, scientific research has found. AnvilArtworks/Getty Images

Celestial bodies are often credited with causing a variety of earthly phenomena. Some are plausible and others are long shots, at best. The belief that more babies are born during full moons has been fiercely guarded by and perpetuated by generations of women, despite the fact that there is zero evidence to support it. In fact, many studies have been done in an effort to prove this theory, with most results either inconclusive or in direct opposition. For instance, one scientific examination of five years' worth of births and moon phases in North Carolina found "no predictable influence of the lunar cycle on deliveries or complications" [source: Arliss et al].

Since the moon is credited with everything from making people go crazy to producing full-fledged werewolves, researchers theorize that the origins of the baby labor-moon connection go back many centuries, when people thought there was a connection between women's fertility and lunar cycles [source: Duke Medicine]. But we know better now, don't we?