10 Places You're Probably Being Watched Every Day

Your Own Backyard
This kind of spying on your neighbor is illegal but setting up a camera to look at any part of her house that is visible to the public is OK. Hill Street Studios/Blend Images/ Thinkstock

You're swimming laps in your backyard pool, taking out the garbage or mowing the lawn. Perhaps you're simply enjoying a drink on the patio. Whatever you're doing outside, if your neighbor's security camera is aimed your way, you're being watched.

This is a perfectly legal invasion of privacy. In most places, it is lawful to aim your security cameras at your neighbor's property as long as you are only filming what is in public view. For some neighbors, undercover sleuthing has resulted in settling disputes.

When Florida resident Steve Miller discovered someone was tossing dog excrement into his yard, he set up a security camera -- and caught his neighbor in the act. The neighbor received a citation and the poo-slinging stopped [source: Murphy].