10 Places You're Probably Being Watched Every Day

Businesses and Retailers
One place that is well-known for having security cameras is a retail store. iStock/Thinkstockphoto

You enter the doors of retailers shopping for items ranging from aspirin to blue jeans. It's an everyday situation, and like an increasing number of public encounters, it's also being recorded.

Retailers in every sector have installed video surveillance systems. And some, including including Babies 'R' Us, CVS, Macy's and Pathmark grocery stores, have taken it a step farther. The cameras at these stores are "smart." They don't record just hours and hours of useless footage that will only be reviewed if an issue arises; these cameras spot and flag unusual behavior. Whether a customer is removing many items from a shelf or trying to open a locked display case, there's a camera aimed at the behavior [source: Wadwha].