10 Office Etiquette Rules You Wish Your Boss Would Follow

Make Introductions
Don't leave your staff wondering who's the new guy taking up residence at a desk. Introduce him! Chagin/iStock/Thinkstock

Starting a new job is like the first day at school. The potential for anxiety and awkwardness abounds! In addition to a whole new set of skills and expectations to master, the new hire is about to meet a whole new set of people. Help out when she shows up by making the introductions yourself. The same goes for when a client arrives at your office. You don't want him standing around listening to the crickets' violin concerto while he waits for someone to say hi.

Introducing new employees or clients to your staff establishes you as the leader and avoids potential embarrassment. Don't be presumptuous and use nicknames. Use proper names, unless you get permission ahead of time. Introductions also give you the opportunity to practice that handshake, another boss basic you should have down pat. (Shake from the elbow, not the shoulder. It helps you give a firm, but relaxed, handshake, says Amanda Strickland, a small business etiquette consultant.) Making a good first impression is essential, even when you're already at the top.