10 IKEA Etiquette Rules

Don't Be a Parking Hog
Try to use common sense in the chaotic parking lots and decks around IKEA, and if you run into trouble, ask an employee for help. littleny/iStock/Thinkstock

You're almost done: You've got a receipt in hand and boxes in tow, and you're making your way back to your car. But don't give up on politeness yet.

If you park your vehicle in the loading zone outside the self-serve area, don't linger longer than the space's 15-minute time limit. Instead of blocking cars in the loading zone or idling in a fire lane, wait your turn. Consider using the services of the so-called "loaders," IKEA workers stationed in the loading zone area who help customers bring their purchases to their vehicle. (And if steam's shooting out of your ears when you find out the hard way that you measured your trunk incorrectly, they can help arrange a home delivery service to transport your purchase.)

Don't forget the etiquette you learned in driver's ed, either: Park inside the lines, stay alert to other vehicles and shoppers making their way around your car, obey speed limits and always use your turn signal. Finding a parking space shouldn't be a gladiatorial death match.

Lastly, watch out for simians on the loose. In 2012, Darwin, a small monkey wearing a diaper and what looked like a sheepskin coat, escaped from its owner and wandered through an IKEA parking lot in Toronto, Canada. After a long court battle (it's illegal to own a monkey in Toronto), Darwin has lived happily ever after in an Ontario animal sanctuary [source: Klee].