10 IKEA Etiquette Rules

Don't Steal the Carts
Those particleboard-packed flat boxes can be pretty heavy, so make sure you grab a cart -- your own, not someone else's, big guy. Andreas Rentz/Getty Images News/Thinkstock

After leaving the marketplace — or, if you're the sort of rebel who enters through the exit doors without making the lengthy journey through the store — you'll reach IKEA's self-serve area, a warehouse-style department whose aisles are stocked with the boxed-up, disassembled counterparts of the furniture you found upstairs. You'll also find the As-Is section, which is stocked with discontinued items, returns, banged-up floor models and other products that are available at a discount.

When you enter the self-serve area and grab your cart, keep in mind that being prepared and being polite are one in the same. Make sure you've arrived with the aisle, bin number, color, fabric and price information you found on the tag that was affixed to the assembled item in the showroom. If you're having trouble finding the right match or you need help getting the box off the shelf, ask an IKEA associate for help. And don't hijack someone's trolley when he isn't looking.