10 Historically Pivotal Murders

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How to Safely and Anonymously Report Sexual Assault

How to Safely and Anonymously Report Sexual Assault

One out of every six American women is the victim of an attempted or completed rape. HowStuffWorks tells how to safely and anonymously report them.

Author's Note: 10 Historically Pivotal Murders

One of the most surprising facts I found while researching this article was that one of the murders happened only a few blocks from my own house. Even though it happened decades ago, I was still a little spooked -- there are only so many murders you can read about before becoming firmly convinced that there are murderers lurking in every closet and behind every shower curtain. However, I was also surprised by how much influence a single event can have over public opinion. Emmett Till's death especially was hugely influential in generating public support for the U.S. civil rights movement, and it was a tremendous act of bravery for Till's mother to display his body. It's hard to think in terms of murder as anything but a tragedy, but it's a reminder that human dignity and decency can still triumph in the face of brutality.

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