10 Rules of Gym Etiquette People Are Constantly Ignoring

Dressing Too Provocatively
Yes, you might look hot in your scanty workout gear, but not everyone wants to see your abs or your butt. jupiter55/iStock/Thinkstock

Clothing missteps happen anywhere and everywhere (last summer I saw a grown woman go into Publix in – hand to God – a one-piece Baywatch-esque bathing suit and high heels). But few places have more rampant offenders than the gym. I totally get it, people. Spandex is a tricky fabric. It fits one way at home and bunches up in all sorts of uncomfortable crevices once you're out and moving, producing the much feared "camel toe" and revealing the top of Sir Mix-A-Lot's favorite body part.

Even if you don't mind baring your fine booty in public, the rest of us prefer not to see it bouncing all over the treadmill, so take steps to keep our virgin eyes pure and untarnished. Maintain that practice in the changing room and resist the urge to strip down and engage others in conversation. Change clothes efficiently, discreetly or grab a towel. A little modesty never hurt anyone.

The gym also isn't the place for high-fashion histrionics – it's a site for sweating. Same goes for full makeup. Red lips and false eyelashes at the gym? Don't. Just don't.