10 Folk Cures You Should Never Try

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Author's Note: 10 Folk Cures You Should Never Try

I had my first child eight months ago and have been helping her through some painful teething for the past two months or so. While she is now the proud owner of five teeth, these pearly whites did not come easy. Throughout the process, I've been faced with frequent suggestions from well-meaning friends and family — including other young moms — that just a bit of brandy or whiskey would be just the thing to soothe her aching gums. I know that this simply isn't the right choice for my daughter, but I've been surprised to learn just how common the practice is, and how many people I know used it with success on their own babies. It's certainly made me curious just how many kids out there are treated with other potentially dangerous folk cures — from "curing" lice by dousing the head with gasoline to slathering butter on a burn.

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