10 Concert Etiquette Rules That 'Freebird' Guy Isn't Following

Pipe Down!
People paid money to hear the band, not you. FamVeld/iStock/Thinkstock

Are you the troublemaker with the ringing cellphone or irrepressible need to announce to your neighbors how awesome the band was back in the early days before they hit it big, and how much better their stuff sounds on vinyl or eight tracks or wax cylinders or whatever it is you play on your hand-cranked Victrola? Or, perish the thought, do you feel compelled to bellow "Freebird!" at a bluegrass festival (whether out of a genuine desire to hear a banjo handle Lynyrd Skynyrd riffs, or because you think the incongruity of your request is simply hilarious)?

The concert commandment is this: Pipe down. You're in the audience, not onstage — the performers will provide the music and other noise. All you're responsible for is applause, cheering and screams of approval. Maybe even some awkward dance moves if you're feeling sassy.

Caveat: If the performer bites the head off a bat or harms living creatures in any way onstage, loud protests must be made. Sorry, Ozzy.