10 Completely Archaic Laws Still on the Books

No Dealing (Cards) on Sunday
Grandma could be a dangerous criminal if she keeps playing cards on Sunday in Alabama. Brand X Pictures/Thinkstock

There are all sorts of wacky laws in the U.S. regulating what people can and cannot do on Sunday. This is largely a reflection of the nation's Puritan roots. Restrictions on alcohol sales (and the Chick-fil-A rule against opening on the Sabbath) remain in place in many states, cities and towns, but they are hardly the only sobering Sunday prohibitions still enforced by the fun police.

In Alabama, for example, it's a criminal "offense against public health and morals" to engage in a whole host of activities on Sunday, including playing cards. Shooting, hunting, gaming and racing are also prohibited and carry a fine of $10 to $100. Worse, you could be imprisoned or sentenced to hard labor for no more than three months for any of these "immoral" acts [source: Justia].