10 Dramatic Acts of Human Kindness

Westboro Counter-protests
Northwestern High School students and supporters counter-protesting against the Westboro Baptist Church in Hyattsville, Maryland on March 1, 2011. © NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images

The Westboro Baptist Church (WBC), a fundamentalist church considered a hate group by many because of their anti-gay agenda, is often seen picketing high-profile and military funerals with large, offensive signs.

What's begun to happen when this controversial group announces its protest intentions is nothing short of a community uprising. Vassar students, for example, planned a counter-protest when the WBC planned to picket their LGBT-friendly campus. Texas A&M students formed a human chain to block any WBC protestors from picketing a military funeral. And it's not just the college crowd that's fighting back.

Counter-protestors who are part of an organization called Angel Action wear 10-foot tall angel wings and surround WBC picketers, blocking them from view. And a group called the Patriot Guard Riders offer non-violent protection, a shield, often just symbolic in nature such as carrying flags and surrounding groups of WBC protestors so they can't intrude on grieving families and friends at military funerals. The group also formed a silent protective barrier against WBC interruptions at the funerals of Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victims.